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See what our customers are saying about our sharpening wheels!


Mr. Bottorff (of Sharpening Made Easy),
I recently purchased a set of paper wheels and just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was. I have purchased other types of knife sharpeners and was a little apprehensive about the paper wheels. I used a lansky for years but it always took too much time. I actually switched to replaceable blades because I didn’t have time to keep my edge in the condition I liked. Then I used a Chef’s Choice 120 but it didn’t fit my needs. Most recently, I used a Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener which I liked but it was a little awkward. It also didn’t produce the results I got with the paper wheels. 1st knife came off shaving sharp and I haven’t used anything else since. I even called the neighbor and asked him to bring over his knives. I’ve made the switch, thanks for a great product.
Hi, Mike...
My new 10"x1" sharpening wheel kit arrived via UPS yesterday...thanks for the quick service. I installed the wheels on my 8" grinder, treated the grit wheel with a bit of your special wax, and started the break in of the wheel on an old junk knife   Once I got the grit and wax "calmed down" so that there would be no wax residue on the blade, I commenced sharpening some of my knives, some new Bowies that I'd purchased recently.  Pocket knives and my wife's kitchen cutlery are a snap to sharpen.   In a couple minutes per blade, I had a razor sharp edge.

 I still have about 40% of a #3 block of white jewelers rouge that I purchased many years ago.  I'll put to good use the new #3 block of rouge you sent to'll last me the rest of my life....I'm 75 years young now.

At 3450 RPM, the 10" wheels have a surface speed of about 150' per second....the flywheel effect is amazing.  The wheels are perfectly balanced and wobble or shimmy or vibration.

The new wheels, treated with your 180 grit powder sharpen much quicker than my old (25-30 years old) 8" wheels. 
About 25-30 years ago, I purchased the 8" wheels at a gun/knife show in Kansas City, MO.  Using these old wheels, I've sharpened thousands of knives over the years.   I've sharpened knives for friends, neighbors and relatives with high praise from all of them.  The concept of pressed paper wheel sharpening is far superior to any other method.   I had tried a half dozen types of whetstone/guide sharpening devices, was never able to get a truly sharp edge until I discovered the paper wheel method. 

Your new 10" wheels are superior to the 8" wheels that I'd been using for so many decades.  Thank you for a  wonderful and useful product.

As we say in Oklahoma, "Y'all take care, ya hear!"


Hi, Mike...

"Got the 8" inch wheels in last night and put "em on to try out.......holy smokes they work so well it is sick. Couple passes on one of my carbon steel blades I use for butchering and it was dang near scalpel sharp. Those things are amazing! I am totally satisfied with the wheels and only wish I had heard about these about eight years ago!!!! I have tried diamond stones, diamond sharpeners, lansky sharpening systems, and you name it I have tried it and by far those are the best sharpening wheels I have ever used hands down!! With a little practice last night I sharpened my entire fleet of steel and there's not much arm hair left as I QC'd them for scalpel grade sharpness. Top notch!
-Jason in Kentucky
"Hello. I wanted to start if by commending you folks for a superior knife sharpening product. I have NEVER been able to sharpen a knife well by hand with stone or diamond sharpeners or anything for that matter.  I've collected knives for the better part of my life and its bad when you have to ask a buddy to sharpen a few for you so you'll have a sharp knife.   I never knew how good it made one feel when someone asks them to sharpen their knife. I certainly do more for others than for myself but I swear I think this system could put a shaving edge on a rubber butter knife.  So well done, you have another satisfied customer for life and I will confidently recommend your systems to them."

Brent in Georgia


I want to tell you that my friends and I are very impressed with your edge making system.My hobby is making knives and I am very happy with the results I get from your product.

Alan Parsons, Bedford, IN


Met Phil today for the first time and he is a very clever guy. (Phil Ordway, Razor Sharp dealer in Australia.) Really knows his stuff and has a true passion for this kind of thing.

I will definitely be buying from him again!

Really looking forward to trying this out myself. Had a quick go on his one and its just... INCREDIBLE. I would recommend to anyone.

Mart in Australia


Great product... when I first got it set up I sharpened every knife in the house and went looking for more... thank you.

Ron (Bubba) in Indiana


I've used cloth wheels and black polishing compound for years to sharpen my kitchen knives with pretty good results. This method has some drawbacks though. I used a diamond hone set to create the edge which took hours initially, lots of elbow grease, and the expense of a few of these diamond hone sets over time as I wore them out. I have had a few knives that had a Teflon type coating and because the cloth wheel contacted the blade above the edge, it ended up burning off the coating. Parts of the blade would sharpen and other parts would take extra work. With the Razor Sharp Edgemaking System, I can take the dullest blade and make it razor sharp within a couple minutes and the blade is consistently sharp from one end to the other. No need for the diamond hones and no more elbow grease! This system is amazing!

Kyle in Utah


After a lot of frustrations with many different knife sharpening instruments I decided to give your product to try. I read all the instructions learned a lot about knife sharpening and literally put an edge on a chef knife that shaved hair off my arm! Your product is amazing and by far the best investment I've ever seen when it comes to the most important instrument in the kitchen and in the woods-a razor sharp knife. Feel free to post my comments on your website.

Todd Scarborough
Fayetteville AR